We help together

The need for aid in the affected earthquake region remains great. To ensure continuous and stable transport for the urgently needed relief supplies and to reliably channel the enormous private willingness to help on the part of the population, six transport and logistics partners have joined forces to form a relief initiative. The airlift has been active since February 17 and is expected to transport more than 1,000 tons of relief supplies to the crisis region in the coming weeks. 

Who are the initiators?

Spread the word.

Please note: Packages must be submitted by the deadline of 03/31/2023.

How does the airlift work?

Private donations can be handed in at the 7,500 DPD parcel shops in Germany, which are then distributed via the logistics centers of the FIEGE Group, coordinated by the logistics service provider time:matters, cleared through customs by Customs Broker and flown from Frankfurt to Antalya several times a week by airfreight transport from SunExpress and Lufthansa Cargo. 

In Antalya, the relief supplies are then transported to the earthquake areas with the assistance of the local disaster control authority AFAD and the logistics partner DSV.

What in-kind donations are needed?

We work closely with the Türkiye-based aid organization AFAD. Through this we know exactly what is needed on site. 

Therefore, only the following relief supplies are collected:

  • Winter clothes, unused or as good as new winter
  • Sleeping bags
  • Blankets
  • Scarves
  • Diapers
  • Baby bottles and teats for babies
  • Gloves
  • Hygiene boxes (soap, shampoo; no liquids!)
  • Sanitary napkins

For the occasion, we urge you to hand in only new or unused goods!

How and where can in-kind donations be dropped off?

Since Monday, February 20, 2023, donations in kind can be dropped off at the 7,500 DPD Parcelshops throughout Germany. Please note the packaging instructions as mentioned in DPDs Parcelshop Calculator.

Parcel label
Please use the link below to enter your sender information and create a free parcel label for your donation package. 

Please bring this parcel label as a printout (or as a PDF on your smartphone) together with the donation parcel to your DPD Parcel Shop. 

Create a free parcel label now!

Here you will find your nearest DPD Parcel Shop.

Can money also be donated?

Of course, the earthquake victims also need your monetary donations, which enable us all to secure the airlift.

Please send your donations for the WIR HELFEN GEMEINSAM initiative to the aid organization 
Cargo Human Care e.V. / www.cargohumancare.de

Please make sure to use the subject "Logistics aid earthquake".  

Here is the donation account:  
Wiesbaden Volksbank 

IBAN: DE57 5109 0000 0049 4040 00   

Incidentally, you do not need a separate donation receipt for donations of up to €300, the bank receipt is sufficient. For all donations over €300, you will automatically receive the donation receipt from Cargo Human Care. Please enter your postal and e-mail address so that the donation receipt can be sent to you.


Many thanks for your monetary support!

A special thanks goes to the supporters

without whom the transport would not be possible.

Frequently asked questions

How are the donations collected?

Private donations can be dropped off at DPD Pickup Parcel Shops in Germany. Please pack your donations ready for shipping at home and bring them to your nearest DPD Pickup Parcel Shop. By creating a parcel label via the following link, you will not incur any costs:

Create a free parcel label now!

How do I find out where the nearest DPD Parcel Shop is to drop off my care parcel?

The aid shipments for Türkiye can be dropped off at participating DPD Parcel Shops in Germany. You can find your nearest Parcel Shop here: https://www.dpd.com/shopfinder

What in-kind donations will be collected?

The items in question are exclusively the following relief items:

  • Winter clothes, unused or as good as new winter
  • Sleeping bags
  • Blankets
  • Scarves
  • Diapers
  • Baby bottles and teats for babies
  • Gloves
  • Hygiene boxes (soap, shampoo; no liquids!)
  • Sanitary napkins

For the occasion, we urge you to hand in only new or unused goods!

In which form do in-kind donations have to be delivered?

Please pack the needed relief goods in a way that they can be shipped and bring them to one of the participating DPD Parcel Shops. Note the requirements for parcels to be delivered at DPD parcel stores:

  • 100 cm longest side
  • 250 cm max. girth
  • 20 kg max. weight

We kindly ask you to refrain from sending relief goods that are not on the list. 

Do I need special documents to deliver the package with the relief goods?

The parcel label (Create a free parcel label now) is sufficient. We want to help the victims of the earthquake as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible. Therefore, special documents are not required for delivery. It is important that the donations are in good condition and clean. We will take care of the rest of the logistical process.  

Where exactly are the donations going? Which routes do the packages take to Turkey?

DPD delivery staff collect the donations from the participating DPD Parcel Shops and take them to the depots. From there, they arrive at the collection depot in Raunheim in Hesse, from where they are transported to the airport in cooperation with our partner FIEGE. The airlift to Antalya in Türkiye is created by Lufthansa Cargo and SunExpress Airlines. 

Why are you only sending the care packages to Türkiye and not to Syria?

The aid organizations on the scene report that it is hardly possible to drive out to the areas of the Assad regime or the rebels. Crossing into Syria is extremely risky and dangerous due to the unsafe conditions. As soon as a safe transport infrastructure is in place, we will discuss deliveries to Syria. To this end, we are in close exchange with the aid organizations. 

Source: ZDF

Why did the initiators join forces?

The devastating earthquake in Syria and Türkiye has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Millions of people have lost the roof over their heads and all their belongings and are struggling to survive in this dramatic situation. Many people in Germany are showing their willingness to donate, but often do not know where to turn. We want to help unbureaucratically in the short term and offer a contact point for those willing to donate. There are no additional costs for those willing to donate as a result of the campaign.